Surkhet, Mar. 17: As in the previous year, Karnali State has not been able to spend more than 11 percent development budget. In the past eight months of the current fiscal year, only 10.89 percent budget was spent. It is both the capital and recurrent expenditure.

It is said the capital expenditure was so low because of the failure of office and employees’ management, and geographical remoteness. The Karnali State had allocated Rs 34.35 billion budget for the fiscal year. Out of which, the spending is Rs 3.74 billion. Similarly, the capital expenditure out of total expenditure is Rs 1.46 billion.

Information to this was shared by the Office of State Auditor. Auditor Man Bahadur Bam shared that the State made the average capital expenditure of Rs 10.89 percent in the recent past months of the current fiscal year.

In this connection, Minister for Economic Affairs and Planning in the State, Prakash Jwala, however claimed that budget spending would be satisfactory this year. “In the past, budget spending was low for not having district level mechanism for State government. But now, the government has set up mechanism in the districts.RSS


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