Kathmandu, Apr. 12: The police have taken actions against at least 4,000 pedestrians and more than 7,500 drivers in the last 20 days for defying the lockdown orders in the Kathmandu Valley.

The number of punishments went up along with increasing number of people leaving the Valley.

The security officials said that today being the Nepali New Year’s Eve, the number of private vehicles was dense in comparison to previous days of lockdown.

However, the Metropolitan Police Office stressed that the lockdown was being implemented more strictly.

As the Banking and Financial Institutions (BFIs) are supposed to update their various banking system on the first day of New Year, vehicles of BFIs were seen at a greater number in the road, informed Bhim Prasad Dhakal, Chief of Metropolitan Traffic Police Division.  Likewise, since various banks have opened their services only on Sunday, the number of customers had also increased today, Dhakal added.

According to Dhakal, transportation of various relief and food supplies had come into operation.

As the concept of E-banking has not yet fostered, the presence of customers in the branches of different banks was thick outside the ring-road, added Dhakal.

Moreover, in view of the starting of the New Year and possibility of people coming out, the meeting held today at Metropolitan Police Office, Ranipokhari, has decided to enforce the lockdown in a stricter manner.

Bishwaraj Pokharel, Chief of Metropolitan Police Office, said that the lockdown would be enforced more effectively, in coordination with the local levels for relief distribution.

The Metropolitan Traffic Police Division has distributed masks, sanitiser and gloves to those police officials who have been deployed for security in the roads.


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