Kathmandu – The Nepali Congress has demanded the government that it provided foods and shelter to the daily wage earners and those working in the informal sectors. Foods and temporary shelters must be provided to those returning to home all on foot from the city after losing jobs, NC added.

In the wake of continued lockdown, such people are in dire need of assistance, the party said, adding that although there is no other effective alternative to the lockdown to contain the COVID-19, management of food and shelter to such needy people is utmost responsibility. Issuing a press release, NC Chief Whip, Balkrishna Khand, wondered why the government badly delayed the proper management of medical equipment and safety materials despite having adequate time for the control and prevention of the coronavirus.

“The first task of the government at present is the protection of citizen and country. At such time of crisis, the government is deviated from the major task by forming commission in a bid to employ politically near ones. Control, prevention and treatment of coronavirus affected is the prime duty of the government,” he reminded the government. He further demanded government’s seriousness as all sectors- major political party, other parties, civil society and all public -have extended unprecedented assistance from their sides.

The NC further expressed gratitude to those working in the frontline- health workers, doctors and nurses, security persons- and government employees and people’s representatives at local level. The NC parliamentary party also urged everyone for the safety of those working devotedly. Boosting morale of them is equally imperative, the party stressed.


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