KATHMANDU: The ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) is lately caught is a mess as senior party leaders are discontented with Prime Minister KP Oli’s working style.

NCP leaders have come to a conclusion that PM Oli has utterly failed to perform well as a Prime Minister and the party Chairman.

Seeking an option to PM Oli has been the only option, the disgruntled party leaders have concluded.

NCP Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal, senior leaders Madhav Kumar Nepal, among other influential leaders at a meeting held at Nepal’s residence in Koteswor on Sunday stood firm on seeking Oli’s alternative by calling a Standing Committee meet.

A senior leader revealed that they have decided to urge PM Oli to ‘act accordingly’ to ensure smooth functioning of both the government and the party.

These leaders are also learned to have been unhappy with PM Oli after he presented two ordinances on last Monday in the cabinet in what has been widely claimed at ‘sizing Oli’s competitors’ within the party.

“PM Oli needs to be serious and should act accordingly by taking our proposal in a positive sense,” a leader said adding, “Our conclusion is that PM Oli has failed in all aspects, hence he should clear the deck, or else we will be compelled to seek an alternative by convening the Standing Committee meeting soon,” the leader said.

The leaders, however, are open for discussion if PM Oli gave up either one of the post – PM or the party Chairman.

According to the leader, the Standing Committee meeting must be convened at the earliest to “avert unfortunate circumstances” within the party.

Speculations are that the disgruntled section of the party is in favor of proposing senior leader Madhav Kumar Nepal as the next Prime Minister.

Party Chairman Dahal is learned to have assured senior leader Nepal in this regard.


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