Kathmandu, May 25: Actress Barsha Raut has apologised for her statement on the border dispute between Nepal and India.

She has been trolled by a controversial statement on the recent Nepal and India border issue.
In a live interview, she said just because I love the country, it doesn’t mean to fight saying this is ours, why did you do that.

She said that this is something to be done by the government of Nepal and India. And she claimed that the journalists of both countries have been inciting the fight.

She further added, “How am I going to face my Indian friends and how are my Indian friends going to face me?”

After such a statement, Raut has been compared with Manisha Koirala who has been living in India for more than 25 years, spoke in favour of Nepal without any inferiority complex, but the full-fledged Nepali actress Raut’s statement of how she would face her Indian friends after this dispute had outraged people.

However, Raut apologized via social media and said while speaking on the live broadcast, my tongue may have slippe but in my heart I have not missed a single bit in respect of my country, my nationality.

She further said, “I am little emotional so I try to stay away from any kind of controversy as much as possible. But the rumour about an interview yesterday has hurt me emotionally.”

Currently, a map has been endorsed including Limpiyadhura, Lipulek and Kalapani that is our land and I am ready to stand in the forefront in support of the government decision. She emphasized that all Nepalis must stand together and support for a fair negotiating environment, support facts and truth, support the strong ties between the two nations. And she added, “We need to support our bread-and-butter relationship.”

Raut claimed that at such a sensitive time, provocative elements can strike, disrupting bilateral relations between the two countries. “It can be sensed in the words that Indian media have been using. I am trying to say, let our media not do such rude and untrue journalism.”

Some of the words I spoke on the live broadcast may have been mispronounced, and the context may have been misinterpreted, said Raut.

“I apologise for the inconvenience; now onwards when I speak like this I will definitely remember, Jaya Nepal,” said Raut.


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