KATHMANDU: The gold price which remained Rs 90,600 on Tuesday has climbed to 91,100 per tola on Wednesday.

As continual of its glittering, the gold has added to its value and make it Rs 91,100 per tola today.

The price of the precious yellow metal has increased by 500 on Wednesday.

“With the increment by Rs 500, the bullion has reached Rs 91,100 per tola,” said Federation of Nepal Gold and Silver Dealers Association (FENEGOSIDA).

The gold was traded for Rs 90,600 yesterday.

Similarly, with the increment by 500, the tejabi gold is being traded for Rs 90,665 today. Likewise, the price of silver went up by Rs 5 to reach 945 per tola today. It was traded for Rs 940 per tola on Sunday.


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